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FAQ: International Portal Access

The International Portal is your hub to submit multiple student and academic requests related to your F-1 eligibility.
What is my International Portal login and password?
Your login and password for the International Portal is the same as your login and password for the Pioneer Portal.
When I log in I can’t see the requests that I need to submit. How do I find the request?
When you log in you are on your home page, and this page only shows requests that have already been started or submitted. To start a new request you will want to click on the house icon in the top left, navigate to Site Home, hover over Current Students, and then click on Student Requests. The red tabs in the middle of the page are the groups of various request; expand each tab to view the request options. 
What kinds of requests will I have to submit?
There are many types of requests that students can submit to receive required authorization. Some examples are: I-20 reprints, travel authorization, CPT, OPT, OPT STEM extension, reporting STEM extension employment, changing major or program level, changing from F-1 to another status, requesting letters for the Social Security office, and more.
How do I know if I need to submit a request?
In almost any situation, a request for approval is needed. Examples are taking less than full-time hours because it is your last semester or because you are a graduate student with an assistantship, pursuing work/internship, navigating mental or physical health concerns that are affecting your academic program, taking longer or shorter than expected to complete your degree, enrolling at another college or university to take classes for your TWU degree, etc. If you are considering doing anything outside of taking your required full-time hours with the appropriate number of in-person/hybrid versus online coursework, you will most likely need approval. Your DSO is here to answer your questions about which request you will need to submit (see next question and answer below).
Who do I contact with questions about my request?
You can find a list of the requests that are processed by each DSO here. If you have questions before submitting your request, please email the appropriate DSO. Once you submit your request it will be processed within 2-3 business days. [When you click on Submit Request you should receive a green notification stating that your request has reached the ISSS office]. You do not need to email the ISSS office to let them know your request has been submitted. Check your email regularly; if you have not received a response email from your DSO after 3 business days, feel free to email to verify that your request was received.