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FAQ: Optional Practical Training (OPT)

I am graduating this semester. How do I apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT)?
Plan to attend one of the required online OPT sessions. Dates, times, and links are in the International Portal under Announcements and can be accessed on the ISSS events calendar here. Once you’ve attended a session, complete a request in the International Portal for an OPT I-20.
What are the first and last dates that I can apply for OPT if I graduate this semester?
The dates change each semester. They are updated in the Announcements in the International Portal, as well as on the ISSS events calendar linked here.
I didn’t receive my SEVP login, or I did, but the SEVP Portal says I cannot report or update my employment. How do I report my OPT employment?
SEVP sends out information through the SEVP Portal. However, this information will be reported by your DSO once you submit a request through the International Portal. Complete the Student Request in the International Portal under Optional Practical Training (OPT) & STEM OPT Extension, titled: Report OPT Employment. If you are on the STEM extension, complete the Student Request in the International Portal under Optional Practical Training (OPT) & STEM OPT Extension, titled: Report New STEM OPT Employment.
I tried to reset my SEVP Portal password but I didn’t receive the reset email. What do I do next?
If you requested a password reset and did not receive a follow-up email from the system, call the SEVP Response Center (SRC) at 703-603-3400 or 800-892-4829 for help. The SRC is open 8am – 6pm (ET) Monday through Friday.
My OPT employment record needs to be verified. How do I do that?
The employment verification notice appears every 6 months if there has been no change to your I-20. This notice does not indicate an issue with your status. Please email when you receive the notice to request that your DSO verify your OPT employment record.
Which degrees at TWU are eligible for the STEM extension?
STEM eligible degrees are:
Biology BA 10204 26.0101 UD BIOL Biology BA
Biology BS 10204 26.0101 UD BIOL Biology BS
Biology MS 10204 26.0101 GM BIOL Biology MS
Medical Technology BS 10212 51.1005 UD BIOL MedTech BS
Molecular Biology PhD 10216 26.0204 GD BIOL MolecularBiol.PHD
Biotechnology PSM 10226 26.1201 GM BIOL Biotech.PSM
Biochemistry BS 10602 26.0202 UD CHEM Biochemistry.BS
Chemistry BA 10604 40.0501 UD CHEM Chemistry.BA
Chemistry BS 10604 40.0501 UD CHEM Chemistry.BS
Chemistry MS 10604 40.0501 GM CHEM Chemistry.MS
Environmental Chemistry BS 03.0104 Envchemistry.BS
Environmental Science BS 03.0104 Envscience.BS
Computer Science BS 11604 11.0101 UD CSCI CompSci.BS
Mathematics BA 11608 27.0101 UD MATH Math.BA
Mathematics BS 11608 27.0101 UD MATH Math.BS
Mathematics MA 11608 27.0101 GM MATH Math.MA
Mathematics MS 11608 27.0101 GM MATH Math.MS
Informatics BS 11614 11.0104 UD MATH Info.BS
Health Informatics BS 11616  51.2706 MATH InfoHlth.BS
Nutrition BS 45024 30.1901 UD NFS Nuition.BS
Nutrition MS 45024 30.1901 GM NFS Nutrition.MS
Nutrition PhD 45024 30.1901 GD NFS Nutrition. PhD