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U.S. Driver License Information

International students may obtain a Texas Drivers License while studying at TWU.
If you have never had a driver license before in your own country or in the United States, you must get a Driver License Permit (good for one year) by first taking a written test. After passing the written test, and after practicing your driving with a licensed driver, you can make appointment to take a driving test. Written and driving tests are available at a local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office. Explore Texas Department of Public Safety - Driver License Information and access to a practice written test is available here.
If you have a valid international driver license or a driver license from your own country, it is good for one year after your arrival in the United States. After that time, you will need to first take a written test, and upon passing the written test, you will then make an appointment to take a driving test. More information about obtaining a driver license along with scheduling a driving test is available online. Explore Texas Department of Public Safety - Driver License Information. Access to a practice written test can be found here
If you already have a driver license from another U.S. state, it is good for only 30 days in the state of Texas. Your car must be registered in Texas, and you must show proof of registration (i.e. a Texas registration receipt). Explore Registering Your Vehicle Information

When registering your vehicle, you must also show proof of car insurance that meets Texas requirement and surrender your out of state license. Explore Texas Department of Public Safety - Driver License Information
In general, the following documentation is required to receive a Texas Driver License:
  • Passport
  • Current Visa Stamp
  • Current TWU I-20
  • Social Security Card (if applicable)
  • TWU Photo ID
  • Letter of Good Standing from International Student & Scholar Services verifying your F-1 compliance and good academic standing