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TWU ISSS Regulations & Policies

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Department Overview 

The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office provides information and support to Texas Woman's University (TWU) students, faculty, and staff regarding F1 student and J1 scholar regulations, academic program requirements related to Visa eligibility, and intercultural competency.
  • TWU F1 Visa holding students are provided with information on F1 Visa regulations and requirements to maintain eligibility during their academic program at TWU. It is the F1 Visa holder's responsibility to learn, understand, and comply with US federal laws and regulations governing the F1 Visa to maintain F1 Visa status. 
  • TWU Faculty are provided with information on how to support F1 Visa holding students while those students adhere to eligibility requirements in their academic program, and eligibility requirements for F1 Visa holding students in internship, graduate assistantship, and academically related employment opportunities.
  • TWU Staff are provided with information on supporting F1 Visa holding students' access to various campus resources respective to varied needs related to F1 Visa status. 

International Student & Scholar Services Staff
The ISSS office is located in Old Main, Suite 113 (Administrative offices), Suite 112 (Advising and Student Support).
  • Director/Principal Designated School Official (PDSO): Dr. Gregoria A. Zamora,
  • Assistant Director/Designated School Official (DSO): Valerie Borgfield,
  • ISSS main office contact: