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Scholarship/Grant Opportunities

TWU supports various scholarship and grant opportunities specifically intended for international students. Initial students are eligible for merit-based scholarships only for the first year.

TWU Pioneer Scholarship System

Texas Woman's University awards more than $10 million in scholarships annually which includes merit-based, departmental, endowed, and need-based scholarships. The TWU Pioneer Scholarship System provides a searchable database to identify potential scholarship opportunities.


Citizens of Mexico (Border Nations Waiver)

The Citizens of Mexico (Border Nations Waiver) allows a small number of Mexican citizens demonstrating financial need to pay the resident tuition rate. To apply, students must:
  • Gather proof of Mexican citizenship
  • Obtain a copy of their I-20
  • Submit these documents to the TWU Registrar's Office
Applications are due by the semester census date, which can be determined by reviewing the current academic calendar

External Scholarships

In addition to scholarships offered by TWU, students are encouraged to seek out external scholarships as well. Please be aware that there may be scholarship scams online. Do not share information about bank accounts, credit/debit card numbers, or social security numbers to scholarships that you have not identified as reputable sites. Search scholarships through large corporations, such as Coca Cola, Sallie Mae, Chick-Fil-A, etc., employing companies you are familiar with, schools or religious organizations and other institutions that you may have a direct connection with. College Board posts some opportunities as well:
Take the time to do additional research into each scholarship listed, its criteria, guidelines, and stipulations.